Tuesday, 14 May 2019

How Islam works: The future of IslamI have been running this blo...

How Islam works: The future of Islam I have been running this blo...: The future of Islam I have been running this blog for some months now and reading about Islam in as many books by Muslim and non-Muslim...

The future of Islam

I have been running this blog for some months now and reading about Islam in as many books by Muslim and non-Muslim authors as I can tolerate!

Here are my conclusions at present:

Strengths of Islam: The fantastic self discipline on almost military lines of many Muslims. The unwavering belief. Then there is the sheer charm and common sense of the best of the best - Al Bukhari, ibn Khaldun, ibn Ishaq, Sheikh Zayed. And the food! And the peace! (I got roundly told off for that, but I have tasted it and love it when it works.)

Weaknesses: I hardly dare say this: modern scholarship has virtually destroyed the CoE and badly dented the Catholic church. It has, and I hate saying this, now gone in a big way for Islam. The results are simply devastating. That is why I am stopping this blog. I just can't go on.

Opportunities: Muslim Births far outnumber liberal western ones. In a few years, like London today, BME folk will be in the majority in most European countries even without immigration. Muslims, unlike other BME people, are organised…In a democratic world, they will form the majority and will therefore dictate their Muslim views.

Threats: There is no Hinduophobia. I have never ever heard of Buddhistophobia… If just one self declared Muslim steals a truck and deliberately drives it along a bridge swerving to kill and maim as many of his fellow human beings as he can, then deliberately identifies himself as a Muslim by shouting that Allah is great, then what can you expect? People do not like cold blooded murderers and Islam seems to produce a great number of them round the world.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Making up a religion.

Is it possible?

In 1750, Christmas was a festival in the middle of winter when people went to a Church perhaps with a bit of holly or ivy draped on it.. Very old people could remember, perhaps, when, as children, they had been forbidden to celebrate at all.
Now they would perhaps feast on roast beef on Christmas Day. Bumpers would be drunk. Long prayers would be read out at Church but the hymns would not be familiar to us today at all. It was above all a Christian time with little folksy input. Perhaps a few songs might be sung in the pub.
And, no, we don't know much about it because it simply was not that big a deal in England.

In 1837, young Queen Victoria came to the throne and she married her beloved German Prince Albert. And she had lots of children. So together they celebrated Christmas properly with a decorated tree, lots of German songs and by giving gifts to each other. Christmas cards came in later. But they, too, were important.
Dickens wrote a Christmas Carol praising Christmas and that helped a lot. He was a very popular author.

Fast forward fifty years and in USA a continental custom of putting shoes out for presents on Christmas Even was transformed by James Edgar, who started doing Santa in 1890 in his Brockton, Massachusetts department store. He invented the Spirit of Christmas – a hearty man with a white beard who actually came down the chimney to good girls and boys at midnight on Christmas Eve. Later his sleigh with bells came into being too and then, thanks to Walt Disney, all the reindeer who pulled the sleigh were invented too. And given names and personalities.
Today children queue up to see the real Father Christmas. More fortunate ones actually visit him in his workshop where the elves make the toys for Christmas Eve in the frozen north.

And any adult who gives the game away is hounded.

Bingo! A new religion is invented, based, for the Churchy Minded, on a “real” Saint Nicholas.
Whether or not this has any bearing on the origins of Christianity, Islam or Judaism, I could not possibly say.
Super article on Wikipedia.

Friday, 10 May 2019

For vera:

isnad: A very reliable family source.

A lady was lying in a hospital in Saudi Arabia.
She had been in labour for some time. Beside her on the bed lay her newborn baby. It was dead.
She was heartbroken as only a young Mum can be heartbroken.

Into the room burst the Mutawwa.
These are fanatics who run the Commission for Religion in Saudi. Their job is to go round and see if people are wearing the right clothes or breaking Sharia Law.
Women are shouted at: “Cover up!” if their veils do not cover their entire hair.
A South African I know quite well made the mistake of having long hair. The Mutawwa held him down in the street and cut his hair off.
Their uniform is a short “thobe” and they do not wear the elastic round their headdress. I must admit I have never seen them personally but have had them described in fearful tones.

Anyway in they burst.
She was terrified.
Then she noticed that they were excited.
They were delighted to have met a Muslim who was sinless and who would go straight to Paradise!
They meant the dead baby who, of course, had committed no sin in his life and who, being human, was naturally a Muslim.
Please, they asked, could they take the baby away and give him a lavish funeral?

The mother, overcome, agreed and that is what happened.

I leave the moral of this tale to you.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

How Islam works: SaritaLa CubanitaSorry,but the violence is Islam...

How Islam works: SaritaLa CubanitaSorry,but the violence is Islam...: Sarita La Cubanita Sorry, but the violence is Islam. It has never not been violent. It doesn't change. It's crap! To Muslims,...

Sarita La CubanitaSorry, but the violence is Islam. It has never not been violent. It doesn't change. It's crap!

To Muslims, “Christians” are the violent ones. 

The Byzantine Empire was Christian and very aggressive. It was based on ancient Rome. The people who lived in the Empire were overtaxed and very violent. Blinding the emperor, for example, was normal.
The Arabs had to fight for their empire against the crusaders after that. The terrible sack of Jerusalem in the First Crusade, to take one example of very many, was disgusting and the streets ran knee deep in blood.
When the Turks took over and tried to spread their beliefs and their Empire into Europe, they were resisted by sheer brute force.
And, of course, after Napoleon, the West invaded the lands of Islam – India, Middle East, North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa – and made them parts of their various Empires.
This only ended very recently.
And Israel is not a peaceful Western outpost either.
So, to Muslims, it is the West who are the very violent ones.

Each spot of blood lovingly remembered...

To “Christians” it is, of course, the Muslims who are the violent ones. 

9/11 was one example of very many.
Dating right back to the time of the Prophet of Allah, Islam has, according to the hadiths, been very warlike.
In 619 when Mohammed lost both his wife and his Uncle, he was left alone in a very hostile environment. Luckily he eventually gained protection in the two treaties of Aqabah – he was lucky to be alive at all. The Battle of Badr – the first one – was started by caravan robbing so we are told. He had to leave Mecca, so the hadiths tell us, in a hurry to avoid death.
Of the four replacements (Caliphs) who followed him, three met violent death at the hands of murderers.
The early days of Muawiyah and the Umayyads were violent in the extreme and they emerged out of a terrible civil war too.
As for the first Abbasid – al Saffah the slaughterer! The less said the better. But he most certainly lived up to his name for sheer treachery, for cold blooded murder and for keeping the bodies of his victims in jars, each one carefully labelled.
Bad to worse... And so on through the Assassins who murdered the Vizier in cold blood, through the palace murders of the Turks where often the entire harem was disposed of when the new Sultan came to the throne.
Today we have Mr Assad the eye surgeon fighting for his life in Syria and a lot of terrorism especially in France. Hacking an eighty year old priest to death while he was saying mass was not nice.

Each spot of blood lovingly remembered...

Like brothers, however, we are linked and we bothhave to live in the same house.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019


I am currently reading Appeasing Hitler by Tim Bouverie. 
It tells the tale of thoroughly decent Englishmen and women who looked you straight in the eyes, who knew how to comport themselves in polite company and who were used to offering a firm, sincere handshake. These utterly decent folk were completely fooled by a crazy demagogue like Hitler. They assumed that “the Chancellor” of Germany, the land of Beethoven and Bismarck, would be civilized, English and decent just like they were.
Hitler was not civilized at all.
So they were fooled.

Islam is nothing like today's Western civilization.

It is an insult to ourselves – and in fact to Islam – to assume that the two ways of life are, or even ought to be – the same.
For a start, Muslims firmly believe in God, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. Muslims attend “Church” - the Assembly - at the place where you fall down in adoration – the Mosque. Muslims are uneasy at men and women mixing freely together because they assume it all ends up in hanky-panky. And the Muslim family system allows a man a lot more control over his wives (??) than the West does too.
Muslims have detailed laws which are so strict they even embrace toilet behaviour, plucking hair between the eyes and what you can and cannot eat, especially at certain times of the year.
And, as with Christians (the Crusades, Catholic and Protestant), Liberal Democrats (Churchill bombing the hell out of Hamburg and Dresden), Communists (Pol Pot, Mao, Joe Stalin, The Kim family) and Atheists (Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, the Kim family again), there among Muslims is the familiar human strand of sheer violence towards people who do not believe the same as you do.

We need to take that on board.

One glance at the Middle East – Syria, IS/Daesh, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria – shows that a lot of the “land of peace” is nothing of the sort. I am not going to go through the terrorism of the last few years since the watershed of 9/11. But it is there as fact.
This violence is important, but it is not the only part of Islam that needs looking into. There are some good bits as well which need equal attention. And, certainly, there are now and always have been too, some extraordinary Muslims who are a real example to humans everywhere.
Like any other – ism, Islam has many facets. So let us get real about it, shall we? Good and bad... (Sound familiar?)